Field Recording Trip – Montalegre, Portugal

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a field recording trip to this very beautiful place with overwhelming landscape and more than extreme sonic interest, with a very talented and dedicated group of people covering video, audio and photography.

We covered different places: exteriors, a metallurgic facility, and the remains of an old abandoned mine still with interesting machinery, that provided surprising and unique sounds that will never be explored enough.

It rained heavily on the first two days, and the next ones were very sunny and hot. Although it is not easy and sometimes frustrating to record under the rain, the variety of sound sources at our disposal was multiplied by this radical weather twist.


We also visit a metallurgic fabric where the owner, Nuno Barroso, a kindly host, let us photograph (Ana Gravato) and record sounds and even turned on some of his machines for us to record the individual sounds of them, using different tools and pointing out their particular sounds.

Ana’s work focused on the land’s people and wanted to create an insider perspective, which made her opt for a binaural recording while Nuno worked as usually. She took those beautiful pictures that I’m glad to share. Listen to a small piece of the recording while you look at them:

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