Sonic Flow – Internal and External Logic

Michel Chion, on his book Audiovision, considers two approaches regarding sonic flow related to image.

One is the Internal Logic with which we assist to an organic chaining development between picture and sound.  Even though the images are not in the chronological order of what we can relate them to in this film, I found this opening act a refined example of internal logic representation, having that beautiful soundtrack providing a different pace and a more clear and different sense of picture movement if watched without sound at all.

External Logic is described to happen whenever discontinuity effects and rupture occur ‘while external interventions to the represented content’, such as picture cutting that breaks the string of a picture or a sound or abrupt changes in speed. This is more frequent on sci-fi and and horror movies. Who knows this short cut – Box, by Takashi Miike – certainly remembers the gruff cuts jumping between time, space, and psychic dimensions. 

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