iPhone and iPad Speakers Frequency Response

For anyone building applications with audio for these platforms, having these tests done can be absolutely useful.

While what you decide to put in it is up to you, I consider important to at least have a straight notion of what your audio content will sound like through the iPhone or iPad tiny speakers.

After recording a 10 second sweep through the mentioned devices (many thanks, F.!) following Aaron Brown Sound article, I deconvolved the signals with Voxengo Deconvolver. For someone doing the same, I advise to keep recording steady silence for two seconds after the sweep is over.

Below you can take a look at the difference between pink noise generated at 0 dBFS through and without the resulting iPhone 5 IR imported to Waves IR-L.



Please keep in mind that this isn’t an all-purpose flawless test. Usage of the iPhone and even little issues related to manufacturing have their influence.

If you need more information or questions, shout me at melissapons@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

Happy IR’s!

9 thoughts on “iPhone and iPad Speakers Frequency Response

  1. I’ve just been trawling the web for exactly this! Thankyou!
    One question though. You said you had performed the test for both iPhone and iPad, but you have only posted the IR for the iPhone. Any chance of seeing the one for the iPad, or is it identical to the iPhone?

    1. Hi, glad I could help!

      I am sorry – this was long ago and meanwhile my computer broke, so I lost the original recordings of the sweep. This was so long time ago that I thought I actually had both profiles.

      From what I can remember, the iPad (first model) started to respond a bit earlier on the low end, and maybe a little more stable on the way up, but I can not precise anything.

      I will run a new test if I get a new iPad soon.

      1. Thank you very much! Yes, I know they aren’t super accurate, I just wanted to show a rough comparison to illustrate how the iPhone speaker boosts mid and high frequencies.

  2. Thanks for this Melissa, likewise I’d like to cite your research with screenshots for an article I’m writing. David: Would like to read your article too, once it’s published.

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