A Sound Technician in a bullfighting arena (distress warning)

I came across this while scrolling down through facebook and after some thought I decided to translate it and share it (I apologise in advance for my unprofessional translation skills). I will try to open a small discussion in the end in the comments section.

     Every time I worked on the sound part of the broadcast, often I commented that if instead the music band, the applause, the cheering – bravo! olé! – etc., the sound was captured from the Sennheiser 816 near to the arena where one can perfectly listen to the sound of the banderilla penetrating the skin, the animal´s pain bellows with each torture it is submitted to;

[and, besides that, people would accompany with view shots of the wounds, the hand-sized blood clots, the running blood, the beating of the heart or the look of the animal before the final strike, 90% would turn off their television upon witnessing such slaughter to the pasodoble rhythm.]

I asked personally to quit this job, because one day in Castellón it happened that I was within barriers and I felt very troubled                                                                                                                      listening to a bull after the bullfighter had missed the thrust four times and I had to take off my headphones as the animal was



drowning in its own blood

and came to die just by my side, supported on the wood and his eyes bloodied and with tears, yes tears, out of pain or not, has crossed my eyes until an idiot missed the strike twice.

It was then that my job in bullfighting arenas ended forever.

These are personal feelings and it´s likely that a “fiesta” supporter consideres it ridiculous, but for me ridiculous is when after such carnage, you see the audience applauding, eating sandwiches without any concern, having them not seen or heard what I did.

José Sepúlveda, Sound Technician

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