Changing Soundscapes Under Lockdown: articles compilation

Photo by David Karcenti

Welcome to your sensory revolution, thanks to the pandemic

I found this article to be a great start! The main stand point is that of the sensory world and how the shift we have assisted since the lockdown has no known precedents.

Coronavirus: Birdsong seems louder and the ravens are more relaxed

Besides the extreme change in the soundscape due to significant traffic decrease, many people account for bird singing as more evident these weeks.

Sirens and Suffering: Rethinking the Soundtrack of the Coronavirus Crisis

Here is a very interesting article how anxiety can be triggered by siren sounds. Focused on New York and how these sounds should be reshaped to a less offensive format. These questions arise now more than ever when cities got quieter and the need for blasting sounds is overdue.

Sirens and the city (photo: Benjamin Kanter/Mayoral Photo Office

Learning to Listen To, and Beyond, the Siren’s Call

What a delight it was read this one by Lindsay Zoladz. I can’t tell you enough: you’ll love it too.

Photo Illustration by Sam Cannon for The New York Times

From birdsong to cheers, sound map shows how coronavirus is changing cities

A fast reading article from the Reuters pointing out diverse examples of recordings around the world, mentioning our already known project #StayHomeSounds from Cities and Memory, with a mini-interview with Stuart Fowkes.

Is Coronavirus Reducing Noise Pollution?

Effects of noise pollution and observable changes during these times.

A ‘silence zone’ sign in Mumbai (Photo by Karen Dias)
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Whales are basking in newfound silence

The extension of less noise to oceans and the impact on marine life.

Human Life Is Literally Quieter Due To Coronavirus Lockdown

How is the non-human world reacting to the quietness and what is our impact on it during normals times? With Bernie Krause.

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