A personal note of a white artist stand on the Black Lives Matter Movement

With the emergent rise of protests against police brutality and systematic racism, it has become increasingly important that we become active voices against racial discrimination.

I am writing this note trying to not pollute the web with redundant content, but I find it important that the readers of this blog are assured I do not stand with discrimination of any kind.

Purposely I have limited my social media appearance in the last weeks in order to not occupy space as my work, non-related thoughts or some observations are meaningless at this point. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be sharing our content and thoughts but perhaps we can do it in a moderate and sensitive manner. It’s up to each of us do decide what is relevant or not – for us and for the people we interact with.

We’ve seen a wave of solidarity and eagerness to learn deeply about structural racism which I can only consider to be very positive.

But I have also seen privileged people using this subject to promote their work on the premises that it represents related themes to racial discrimination. The problem I have with this is: THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, if you are privileged and have abused of your position to make that work through fruition. If you worked on those themes to get relevance in the industry but at heart you haven’t really acknowledge where you are or the power that gives you, THINK and get out of that asshole pedestal.

I know this is sensitive, but please take two steps back and think through.

And what can we implement everyday to help out bring the voices that need to be heard? Let’s try to find out in your industry who are your PoC peers and listen to their work but let’s find the time to not be passive.

I have been failing miserably at this. While I’m not a racist (or more accurately – a white person de-constructing her racism) and I am not actively looking to share only white people’s work, that’s the big big majority I got in the social media feeds. So I’m committed to change this.

If you are a PoC, please share your work. If you are a white person who admires the art of some black artists, please share their work.

Happy, true, active anti-racism!

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