How to Capture Meaningful and Efficient Field Recordings

Hi there!

I wrote a new article about field recording practice that is based on my experience and practices I have been shaping. It’s interesting to look back at my first projects and understand how much my listening and methods have evolved.

As I have started to read and study about ethnography and “listening slower” my approach to capturing soundscapes has been transforming.

“In theory, the number of things to record are infinite: the world is always changing – either for landscape-soundscape alterations – or cycles and seasons in Nature. 

But when we’re out recording, what are we specifically looking to capture? Keeping in mind that all approaches are valid, there could be a number of ways to be more specific in order to serve the purpose and enhance the effectiveness of our recording sessions.

So let’s start with the basics. Equipment? No. Your ears!”

I hope you enjoy this article. You can read it here.

3 thoughts on “How to Capture Meaningful and Efficient Field Recordings

  1. I can’t help thinking about the analogy of direct listening vs listening through headphones as something vastly superior in sensory experience. Much like a moment lived and a picture of it, there’s a filter between reality and capturing reality through visual or recording media, and something is lost. It’s the time space element. Makes me wonder whether I’ll want to ‘forget’ my headphones next time, and maybe even forget to press record.

    1. Often I did the same about capturing images. I didn’t take pictures of places I enjoyed and found beauty in such way that I didn’t want to reduce it to a digital still.
      Here I spent the first weeks just going around, recording only a few times which was great to register geographic impressions and fauna but there’s a kind of aural analysis I only seem to actively practice a few days before the start of the recordings.
      This approach is shifting but definitely evolving.

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