“Loving our work, self-care & recording the world”

Hi, hello! I know it has been a while, but here I come with some updates and resources for you.

This summer, yours truly has been invited to a handful of awesome podcasts. All within slightly different approaches although centred in my field recording activity.

The first took place with Akash Thakkar, who you might know through his courses and great resources about sound design and career advice. Within the career spectrum our conversation rolled. On my social media (well, twitter) I have not been exactly discrete about my previous burnout and getting broke and all at the same time. I still believe that low-income folks are repeatedly kept out of the “burnout recovery” conversation. We do however open our session with ‘what is field recording?’ and ‘why do you do it?’

I hope this conversation in audio form is enjoyable and helpful. We had a great time recording this one and Akash is a delight! You are always welcome to contact me directly!

Happy listening!


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