“you wanted to speak about darkness?”

“Relax and listen slow”: that’s how Adriene, in The Blind Tourist Podcast, opens our long, oneiric and almost too deep conversation for a warm countryside afternoon for me, a NYC morning for Adriene.

It’s obvious that this sweet site of mine serves not only the purposes of resource sharing but also an accepted self-promotion that reminds the world that I sometimes exist. However, in the case of The Blind Tourist I swear I am more happy to serve as a vehicle for Adriene’s work rather than simply have you hear me speak about field recording.

We talk about feeling the wolves and vice-versa, dealing with darkness as a field recording person, researching stereotypes, eating butterflies and there is a sort of live commentary while we both listen to one of the tracks of ‘Wolf Soundscapes’. Adriene’s composition and editing of The Blind Tourist is of an absolute refined taste and it always places me in another world.

I hope you enjoy this dreamy and smooth trip! When it was out, it was 1 am where I am, I bought smoking things and listened to it on headphones while star gazing on a little patio. Twice. I mean this is truly special.


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