Guest DJ at WFMU’s Radio Row

Last night, my first guest mix aired at the great WFMU’s Radio Row. Invited by Olivia Bradley-Skill, I was super happy to put this together. Just a few months before, I’ve worked on another mix (which hasn’t aired yet), and I had no idea what to expect but I came to love the process so much, that I am actually looking forward to do more.

In a constant busy life, it feels like I barely have time to listen to other artists’ work which feels like a capital sin to me, but doing this turned into a work task and I enjoyed so much listening and revisiting field recordings and music.

Admittedly I have been greatly inspired by Adriene Lilly, since I got to know her work last Spring. And putting a piece like this together is playing with textures and rhythms, so not that different from a sound designer’s role.

Below is the playlist, that you can also find on WFMU’s website, with links to each album and track. I hope you enjoy!

Jeremy Hegge The darkness screamed   Short glimpses from Mmabolela0:00:00
Fractured MemoriesLust    Consciousness0:00:00
bahía mansa El Sopor y la Nada   Devoradores de Piedra 0:01:50
David de La Haye, Jez Low Hidden Sounds    Hidden Sounds (Binaural)0:04:16
Bethan Kellough Descent + Vision   Aven 0:05:50
Wild Aesthesia Calm Rain   Rain and Thunder in the Congo Jungle + Rain and Thunder at Bai in Congo the Jungle0:13:36
Joseff HarrisIncahuasi   Talking to Trees 0:15:50
Fractured Memories My consciousness    Consciousness0:17:28
Ian Wellman It Crept Into Our Deepest ThoughtsOn The Darkest Day, You Took My Hand and Swore it Will Be Okay 0:19:53
Nelson D Wirá-Wasú   Wirá-Wasú 0:22:47
Eartheater Burning FeatherPhoenix: Flames are Dew Upon my Skin 0:25:39
Southeast of Rain Day 8 Between Fleeting Somethings   42 Days 0:26:50
High aura’d Sleep Like The Dead   Sanguine Futures 0:32:56
Claire M Singer A Different Place   Solas 0:38:05
Laurent Wermenlinger Five  résonance 0:43:30
Miguel Isaza Polenn   Flor 0:45:38
Cibelle Phoenix    The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves0:47:08
Emil Zapffe The View From Mount Zapffe Dissonance in Dogma0:50:10
Jeremy Hegge An Antelope wandered through the glowing thorn veld    Short glimpses from Mmabolela0:51:18
Cibelle Inútil Paisagem    Cibelle0:52:37
Fractured MemoriesCenter    Consciousness0:57:50
Jeremy HeggeThe Darkness screamed    Short glimpses from Mmabolela0:56:00

I’ve opened the playlist with Jeremy Hegge’s work. I think this was the very first work I bought on bandcamp. It’s not easy for my ear to get caught in field recording or musical work; there is a number of conditions or qualities that inevitably, without thinking, determine if I like it or if it’s just an okay experience. Jeremy’s field recordings are immediately attractive, mysterious, curious, evocative.

The piano piece played on top is from the project “Fractured Memories“. We know the artist(s) is from Japan and the rest is up for us to get to know just by listening, as no more information is to be found. I’m in love with these loopy glimpses: they seem to portray emotional deep scenes of a film – it’s what it feels like to me.

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