Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Hello and welcome to my blog! Make yourself at home while I will try to get you to know me in some words…

I am a field recordist and I record slow. What is that, you might ask? Whenever I set into a new location/object the cultural context is taken in account. I like the idea of understanding a new place trough not only its geography but by its history and culture and how it is perceived by its people. Usually I study and research these factors deeply but let the soundscape take me by surprise. I thrive on the feeling of newness and of experiencing things for the first time. A place is unequivocally linked to how people form their identities and from this link all aspects of life, including culture, are deeply rooted and in constant transformation. I like to take this knowledgeable and unique approach to each setting and feel there is so much more to learn this way. Thus, each field recording trip brings interesting stories that combined with my own experience create unique soundscapes and this is what I end up bringing to you.

I come from a background of music and sound design and have in fact worked over six years in the scandinavian and portuguese industry. I still love sound design and feel at home in certain projects; after all, providing voice to a story through the sound I create is my passion. I had however disconnected from most industrial exploitative and egotistical environments I have encountered and nowadays I’m only working with meaningful projects.

My main interests orbit around anthropology, forests, culture and social justice. For each project a part of the profit made goes back to the institutions or communities that support much needed causes and that had welcomed and guided me. I want to make the world a better place and this is a very direct way to do it although this can only happen with your help too.

If you feel you this resonates with you somehow, please consider leaving a contribution on my Ko-Fi page.

I just released my 3rd field recording album with spectacular wolf sounds and the forest area they inhabit at the wolf center in Mafra, Portugal. You can listen and purchase it at your own price on my bandcamp page. This won’t only help me to continue bringing meaningful field recordings to you, but also 50% of the profit collected will benefit the Wolf Center, aiding continuous support to feed and treat the wolves and manage their territory.

You can also purchase my work on my artist’s page on bandcamp.

Would you like to work together or commission field recording from me? Contact me through my mail: melissapons gmail.com

I’m looking forward to hear from you!



  1. Hi Melissa! I really appreciate the passion you put down in words. It’s contagious! Keep up with the great blog and the shameless show off 🙂
    From Lisboa, Vasco

  2. Hey!
    I found your blog when googeling the basics of sound design. (completely lost in how all of this works) I’m a visual artis with bad ears, or, maybe until now I’ve been too occupied with looking that I just missed out of remembering and cherishing sounds. For long now I just felt a bit distressed when it comes to my own video works and sound, and actually I think it took me over a year to understand that this is what is missing.
    Anyways, I read your post on field recording in Stockholm, as an swede living abroad i completely agree with your analasys of cities and sounds. Well, I’ll keep on reading! And I hope you’ll keep on writing.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment and for taking your time to read this blog. It feels that there is something missing in many video works but not everyone realises what it is. I could recommend you the book Sound Design by David Sonnenschein (http://tinyurl.com/jmmu6rn) if you´d like to dig further into this. See you!

  3. Hi Melissa,
    I’ve just read Paul Virostek’s profile piece about you and found this blog for the first time. You have some really interesting articles, and I look forward to following your activity!

    I was also interested to read that you’re from Porto, as I was there for a holiday last week. It’s a beautiful city and I managed to make a small quantity of binaural recordings while I was there.

    All the best.

    1. Hi, Ollie! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comment and reading the blog. There will be some development in the content this year, some of it soon. What a coincidence you have been in Porto! Do you have your recordings online? It would be so interesting to listen.

  4. Exellent! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed so I’ll follow your updates as they come.

    I’ve uploaded the recordings to Soundcloud and will be publishing them over the next few weeks I think. I didn’t make very many this time as I was with a group of friends for most of the trip.

  5. Hi Melissa! I came across with your website and I’ve been stunned with all the information you have written here! I’m trying to introduce myself in this field (I’ve studied audiovisual communication and worked as a video editor for some years) but this is really what I feel like doing all my life. Could you give me some advice to start doing it?

    Great job!

  6. Have you thought about setting up a Patreon site? You have lots of knowledge to share and if you created a Patreon account with a few levels you could share that knowledge with an interested community and gain some regular monthly income. It’s worth looking – I’ve supported various creators this way.

  7. Mark, thank you for suggesting that. I have a recent ko-fi page: https//ko-fi.com/melissapons
    I am in fact starting a funding campaign to help me go to a wolf center to volunteer and record there.
    The full description will be coming during this week. Naturally my supporters will get a selection of recordings from this great place!
    I’ll notify you when the campaign is fully updated 🙂
    Thanks for your continuous support of my work – it is deeply appreciated.

  8. Olá Melissa! Estou te a ouvir no Tonebenders Podcast! Es de Portugal? Eu tambem estou a estudar Music Technology em Coventry e ao inicio estava mais para producao mas agora tenho me virado muito mais para sound design e foley. Por onde andaste? E o que mais fizeste? Gostava imenso de ouvir mais sobre uma conterranea na mesma area

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