The silence of the Pyrenees: a field recordist’s journey

In August I hiked and camped in the Pyrenees and it triggered a set of questions, many related to field recoding. Here’s an essay I wrote about it. This is a repost from — Altitude, and an almost complete absence of human intervention. How do you face such grandiosity without any mundane contemporary distraction? […]

Swedish Forest Textures – new field recording album

Today I am very happy to share with everyone some beautiful soundscapes from the Swedish Forest. These recordings were originally done in April of 2018 for the film Ghabe which, along with months of dedication to the sound design, ended up awarding us with the European Cinematography Awards of Best Sound. The album is available […]

3 Film Directors That Place Importance on Sound

What follows is an article I wrote for the SFX website SoundSnap. I discuss some examples of films of Terrence Malick, Gus Van Sant and Hayao Miyazaki (whose sound design’s film The Wind Rises has been dissected on previous articles) and mention very interesting interviews with their sound designers. These director have gotten my attention […]