A method for organizing field recordings – part 2

Thank you everyone who has read and commented on part 1 and welcome to the second part of this article in which I describe my workflow after I listened through everything, placed markers and regions for specific information and taken notes aside. The main reason why listening through, cleaning and marking before displaying the clips […]

UDK Audio Implementation III – SoundNodes and SoundCues pt. 2

Apologies for the delay! Here’s part II, though I’m still considering some updates as well focusing more on the practical side. DISTANCE CROSS-FADE: This node will allow you to perform fade ins and fade outs in volume, over distance, on as many inputs as you like. It will be calculated from the source’s location which […]

UDK Audio Implementation I – some considerations and tips to make it work

As previously announced, I’m very happy to start this series of posts about audio implementation on UDK. At my master’s program I had to make a game (prototype), and since I had to deal with everything concerning the audio part, I learned quite a few interesting and fun things. here, I write strictly as a […]