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Earlier this year, Rene Coronado invited me to participate in the Tonebenders podcast to talk all about the field recording project of recording Wolves in Portugal, after a very successful campaign on Ko-Fi (thank you!).

We talk about how I got started with sound, the challenges I encountered, the whole process of being there and turning it into two albums, validation, imposter syndrome and some more topics. It was a great conversation that I enjoyed very much taking part in. I hope you enjoy it as well!

To the Moon film, by director Tadhg O’Sullivan, features the night of the owl, part of the Swedish Forest Textures album.

The film premiered at Venice Days in September 2020

Swedish Forest Textures on BBC Radio 3 Sounds of the Earth feature on the Sunday morning Breakfast programme.

‘Multiple Textures’ was intertwined with music, a mix by David Fay, and played on the 8th of March of 2020.

A Sound Award for GHABE

After several weeks working the sound editorial and design, the sound of the feature film Ghabe, was completed in February 2019, having been mixed by Nicklas Lindh in Stockholm. Until today it has gathered six awards for photography, acting and directing.

And now the sound has its spotlight too! European Cinematography Awards have just credited Best Sound for Markus Castro film! Along with three more: best cinematography, best aerial shot, best first time director. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, particularly to Nicklas for his work, ethics and amazing dark humor during the mix!



In 2018, I composed a theme inspired on my field recordings upon generous invitation by Andrew Tasslemyer. It is now one of 28 themes in a collection of beautiful compositions by very talented artists.

“Place Language is an international non-profit compilation album project inspired by the themes found in Robert Macfarlane’s widely-acclaimed book ‘Landmarks’. In particular it focuses on the book’s extensive topographic glossaries, the “word-hoard” of depictive landscape terms gathered from 30 different languages, dialects and sub-dialects around Britain & Ireland and divided into sections by type of terrain (Flatlands, Uplands, Waterlands, Coastlands, Underlands, Northlands, Edgelands, Earthlands and Woodlands). Relying on these topograms, or “tiny place poems”, as creative prompts, Place Language seeks to both inspire a renewed interest in our surroundings and reinvigorate our appreciation for the audible textures & patterns that characterize a place in keeping with the book’s stated desire to “re-wild” our vocabulary.” Read more here.


Two of my tracks from the field recording album Nocturnal Sounds of the Atlantic Forest have been played on BBC Radio 3 ‘Late Junction‘. You can purchase or download it on my bandcamp page. Remember that 50% of the profit will be donated to the NGO Iracambi, an organisation dedicated to preserve and reforest the fragile Atlantic Forest in Brazil, while educating the new generations about it.

Interview with Paul VirosteK

After my first field recording trip in 2012, in which I didn’t know that well what I was doing, I knew field recording was something I wanted to do probably forever. From then, the website that Paul created and his books have been the biggest mentor and place for thinking. I guess you can imagine how thrilled I was to have been asked by himself to do an interview! You can read it here. 🙂